Oorspronklik vir ‘n Engelse vriendin geskep.


Understanding and developing a sense of left and right is a struggle for many children.   When they struggle to discern between the two sides of the bodies, they also tend to have trouble distinguishing between visual symbols such as b / d and p / q.  A first step at helping them is to put visual reminders up against the wall.

Print the right hand on red paper and place it in the right-hand corner of the writing board.  All the “r”-sounds should help to remember the association of right hand with red.  The left hand can be printed on yellow or a colour like light green.  These colours and visual prompts can be repeated on a smaller scale on the desks.  It can be laminated or simply covered in a colourless, see-through sticky tape (cellotape).  Also add the hand with the L near it to show that when you hold your left hand up, it actually forms a capital L in the web space between the thumb and forefinger.  If the child is right handed, you can play on alliteration:  “You write with your right hand.”


Pages to hand out, to put up against the wall or to stick on desks (resize)…