Uit “Hugs for Teachers”

You’re a banker and an artist,
You’re a sprinter and a florist.
You’re an actor. You’re a juggler.
You’re a queen.

You’re a lawyer. You’re a manager.
You’re a nurse, and you’re a counselor.
You do more by noon
Than most have ever seen.

You’re a driver and a poet.
A politician (don’t you know it!)
You’re a botanist, a strategist,
And a judge.

You’re a mother and a father.
You’re a runner and a tightrope walker.
You’re a soldier fighting
In the war on drugs.
You’re a diplomat and an acrobat.
You’re a farmer. You’re a friend.
You tell stories. You mend fences.
You build dreams.

You’re an instructor and a trainer,
A communicator and demonstrator.
You’re a teacher! You’re incredible!
You’re supreme!