Ek het vroeër vanjaar op hierdie juweeltjie afgekom.  Hopelik kan dit ‘n juffrou of ouers help.  Dit behoort goed te werk met die aandagafleibare outjies.


  1. Caribbean Spelling – hands on hips, and swivel on each letter. On the word, say, “Woo!”
  2. Sing opera style
  3. Box It / Kickbox It – Correspond right/left arm/leg with vowels or consonants
  4. Frisbee _ throw each letter as you would a frisbee
  5. Yo-yo – bend your arms at the elbow and alternate your hands up and down as you say each letter.
  6. Voices _ change your voice for each repetition: loud, soft, whisper, squeak, growl, baby-talk, etc.
  7. Groups _ different groups cheer after each other (boys, then girls, then whole class)
  8. Blast Off – start crouched at floor as you say each letter get a little higher, when jump into the air as you say the whole word I also use frog-jumps. They are similar to Blast-off. We start standing up. As we say each letter, we crouch down a little farther. Then, as we say the word, we “jump”.
  9. Hand Jive – just like on the playground, pair up and clap hands for consonants and lap clap for vowels
  10. Back Tracer – sit in circle and trace the letters as you spell on a partners back
  11. Mouse -squeaky voice with hands curled up by face
  12. Robot -in robotic voice with arms moving back and forth (“Danger! Danger! Will Robinson” style)
  13. Fly it like a bird -arms flapping up and down
  14. Chicken – arms folded up to make wings and head moving forward
  15. Nose – hold your nose and spell it
  16. Cheer It (Give me an “h” , etc.) Like a cheerleader.
  17. Pat — pat our heads for tall letters, tummies for short letters and knees for ones that go below the line
  18. Beat it on our Desks
  19. Snap and Clap — We snap for the vowels and clap for the consonants.
  20. Raise the Roof — We just push up toward the ceiling, one push for each letter.
  21. Ketchup — Shake our hand like we’re trying to get ketchup out of a bottle.
  22. Disco (Hand up for consonants, hand down for vowels) Pretend to be John Travolta.
  23. Throw the Stars — Throw one hand at a time toward the ceiling for each letter.
  24. Be the Letter (Body Language) — For “s” we slither down to the floor while saying “e-e-e-s-s-“.
  25. Mexican Hat Dance (alternate feet in front)
  26. Flapping and Nodding — Pretend you’re a bird and flap your wings and nod your head for each letter.
  27. Stomping — Just stomp your feet for each letter.
  28. Army _ march letters and salute on the word
  29. Clapping Syllables — Just clap for each syllable
  30. Explosion (Volcano) (whisper, normal, loud) They love to do this. Pretty self-explanatory.
  31. Marshmallow Clap – Almost clap but stop before your hand touch. Say each letter.
  32. Hula — hands on hips, swivel, hands in air to say word
  33. Jumping Jacks — One letter for each movement.  (sterspronge)
  34. Toe Touches – touch your toes for each letter.
  35. BATTER UP – We get into the batting position and swing on each letter as we say it
  36. SLOW We hold the sound of the letter or a few seconds like sit…s……………i…………………t……………
  37. Motorcycle – We just hang on to “handle bars” and pretend that we are doing wheelies..!
  38. Dribble and Shoot — Dribble the letters and shoot the word.
  39. Cowboy — straddle chair and lasso
  40. Push-ups – or stomach crunches, bicep curls, etc.
  41. Blowing Kisses — kiss for each letter and 2 hands kiss (extend both arms out and up) for the word
  42. Pass the Ball – sit in circle and pass the ball. Last person says word and chooses the next word.”